With the advent of massive online retailers, we are all faced with a choice: should we shop online or at the physical store?

Many prefer one over the other for different reasons. I like to shop in person. That way I know what I’m buying when I’m buying it. Though online shopping can be more convenient, shipping fees do some serious damage to the total cost.

For example, I had to purchase a pair of earbuds online due to the item not being carried in the store. A $6 pair of headphones turned into $12. All struggling college students know if you can save a dollar, you should. If the store had carried them, I could have saved money.

Usually when I need something, I need it at that exact moment and not three to five business days after. This includes an abrupt need for supplies for class. With in-person shopping, I can get the item at once and be out within a few minutes.

With in-store purchases I know what I am getting. I can try it out and make sure that it is what I need and want. I can’t be completely sure about that when I am shopping online. If it isn’t the correct item or something is wrong with it, you have to go through the hassle of returning it.

So even though online shopping would provide delivery and a supply of items that aren’t available in stores, it just isn’t worth the extra money, as well as the wait time for the item to be delivered. In-person shopping is the way to go.