Preston Spradlin

Coach Preston Spradlin celebrates a win against Murray State at Johnson Arena Thursday February 4, 2021. Photo by Taylor Johnson | The Trail Blazer

Congratulations and thank you to Coach Preston Spradlin, staff, and players of this year's Morehead State University's Basketball Eagles: OVC champs and an NCAA tourney team! MSU alumni are not only exceedingly happy but also proud of you.

I first met Preston and his sweet wife Misty in 2014 when he was a featured speaker at Ohio's UK Convention in Franklin, OH. At that time, he was an assistant on Coach Cal's staff at UK.

Preston arrived early, gave a highly-organized presentation, and certainly "hit it off" with our fans. I had that innate feeling then that this authentic, down home, eastern Kentuckian would be a successful college coach someday. And now, Wow!

Some of you readers may not remember Leo Durocher, successful manager of the New York Giants baseball team in the 1950's. He is noted for saying "nice guys finish last." Well, Coach Preston Spradlin proved Durocher's statement wrong.

I do not know of a finer young gentleman than Preston Spradlin.

Go Eagles!

James E. Porter

MSU graduate 1961