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All a newspaper can offer the public is its integrity, and when a mistake is made, transparency.

Now that the Christmas season is here, millions of people across the U.S. have taken to the stores to find the best holiday gifts of the year. However, many people think that as the years go on, the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost amongst the retail havoc.


Take a moment today while watching a show or playing a game to close your eyes. What are you left with, once everything else is stripped away? The music.

Halloween is right around the corner, which brings the yearly debate between teenagers and adults alike of what age should people stop trick-or-treating, even though every person has a right to partake in the fun if they please.


General Education classes may have a noble purpose, but in reality they’re useless for the majority of college students who have already achieved a basic proficiency in the base subjects like math, English and science in high school.

Children’s health seems to be a topic that comes up each year, but it rarely gets the attention it needs.

The 50 images about Rowan County on display at the Morehead Conference Center are just a teaser to what’s to come. But even with those 50, the depth is amazing.

Students with overflow parking passes at Morehead State have expressed unhappiness at the danger of parking across a highway.

Since we were children, we were told that a 4-year college degree would be necessary for an enjoyable quality of life. However, did this not disparage many careers not requiring a traditional 4-year degree and encourage us to choose from a range of careers that required that 4-year degree?

It has been apparent since our younger years, when we get our first scolding from our parents, that we aren’t perfect. We can make mistakes, and people can call us out on it.

In general, people want to make the world a better place, but who has the time to recycle while juggling work, school and trying to have some sort of social life? However, there are some simple things you can do daily or weekly to help keep the environment clean:

When you're a student living on campus, you at least want your home away from home to feel comfortable after a long day of classes. Especially if you're paying thousands of dollars per semester to do so.

At the age of 18, a person can enlist in the army, buy tobacco, take out a loan and go to prison; they can’t, however, live in a college dorm with a roommate of the opposite gender.


For the outdoor adventurer who wants to experience more than what Morehead has to offer, there’s Olive Hill.

With the advent of massive online retailers, we are all faced with a choice: should we shop online or at the physical store?


As finals week rapidly approaches, many students are already experiencing the mounting anxiety that comes with the end of the semester.


The best sports photography depicts a decisive moment, or the peak of the action, but that’s only part of it. We also look for the reaction to the moment, because it’s where we normally find the emotion of that moment.

Remember the good old days when you and your friends would come home from school, grab some junk food and spend hours playing a video game together?

Halloween is a time where young people all over the world gear up for spooky and fun activities, but it can easily turn into a nightmare if precautions aren’t taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

Governor Matt Bevin recently discussed the legalization of recreational marijuana on WHAS radio. As expected, Bevin said that as long he is in charge, he will not allow it. Bevin cited overdoses in Colorado as his reasoning.

General education classes are college courses that typically cover core academics such as mathematics and science. Students are required to take a certain number of courses in general education, with the exact number differing between schools.

College should be about students being confident in themselves and figuring out who they are. Instead, many are stressed, anxiety-ridden young adults struggling to make it through.


As a college student, people are shocked when they notice a wedding ring on my finger.


From the moment I stepped off the plane, I knew it was going to be an exciting month. I could feel a nervous energy as well as the heat, which ranged from mid 80's to high 90's, depending on the rain.

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Most university students have enough hassle as it is with classes, bills, keeping in touch with family and making sure financial aid is in order every semester.


Freshly squeezed juices, super nachos and loaded hot dogs are among the variety of new foods being offered at several food trucks stationed near campus.

If you have had trouble finding a parking space before class this semester, you are not alone. Some students pay nearly $200 just to be left without a space.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of a monument is a statue, building or other structure erected to commemorate a notable person or event. Monuments commemorating the Confederate States of America have been a major point of discussion and protest between citizens of …

The summer festival season is quickly approaching, especially with Coachella just ending April 16. Here is some experienced advice on how to make your festival experience affordable and fun. 

Over 2.84 million American students attend universities with blatant fractures in the First Amendment.

If life was as it is in most television, I'd feel much better about signing up for on-campus housing and ignoring that little red "check engine" light in my car that has been blinking for a good half-year now.

Not everyone wants children and that is okay. It is time to accept the fact that people find happiness outside of the social norm. 

Amidst talk of performance based funding and cuts to education from Gov. Matt Bevin, Morehead State University is set to lose $13.5 million over the next four years for a different reason.

Not taking mental illnesses seriously subjects the millions who suffer them to unfair stigmatization and neglect.

With the arrival of streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music that are used by millions of people, one would think that the creator of a song would make a lot of money for receiving millions of streams right?

I hate Rush Limbaugh. Hate him. I despise him, loath his show. I'm unable to think of anything I might agree with him on, and his attitude and blatant disregard for truth disgust me to no end.

There are anywhere from 10 million to 1 trillion species in the world, and we’re on the road to killing every one of them.

If I reach the end of an album review and still don't have even a vague idea of what the record sounds like, the reviewer has utterly failed their job.

The typical high-school or college student has the same levels of anxiety today that an average psychiatric patient had in the 1950s.

Refusing anyone basic human rights is disgusting and absurd.