Rowan County Judge-Executive Harry Clark in “The Dangers of COVID-19 in Rowan County”, posted to Facebook on Friday, November 6.

Rowan County Judge-Executive Harry Clark delivered a personal message to the county regarding Covid-19.

A video titled “The Dangers of Covid-19 in Rowan County,” was posted to Clark’s official Facebook page on Friday, November 6. The video consisted of interviews from individuals who had experience with the virus and its context in Rowan County.

“It makes it seem like it’s a little more real that it’s here rather than just seeing someone from New York being interviewed,” said Clark. “I wanted it to be personal, more local and that’s what generated that video.”

Jessica Baldridge of Tri-County Animal Shelter, Tina Holbrook of Morehead-Rowan County Tourism and Dr. William Melahn, the Chief Medical Officer at St. Claire Healthcare were part of the video, with Baldridge and Holbrook personally contracting the virus. The video was fueled by the growing cases of Covid-19 in Rowan County, and the rest of the state.

“We had 519 cases, we’ve recovered 391, we’ve had two deaths and we currently have 126 active COVID cases in Rowan County,” said Clark. “Our classification currently is red, both by Rowan County Fiscal Court and the state.”

Rowan County being classified as a red zone has created issues for business and education, along with tourism.

“We’ve got to get our kids back in school, which allows the parents to get back to work,” said Clark. “I think as soon as this scare gets behind us we’ll bounce back very rapidly.”

The possibility of a vaccine from pharmaceutical company Pfizer within the next few months brings hope to Clark, but the vaccine still needs to go through its two stages of testing.

“They believe it will be approved at the end of this month,” said Clark. “The first round will be out in December. They expect the first responders in January. They expect it to be up to the full public by March.”

Until then, Clark said the public needs to continue keeping up with safety precautions in order to push towards the recovery of Rowan County.

“I’m very proud of them. If you are one of those, pat yourself on the back,” said Clark. “If you’re not one of those, I ask you and I encourage you to please join in the force of the fight against this.”