Greg's Pizza

Photo submitted by Greg's Pizza

Maysville - The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way those in the food service industry would normally work.

Restaurants like Greg’s Pizza in Maysville are taking precautions in order to stay in business while also keeping their customers and employees safe from infection.

“Working during the pandemic feels similar to driving during a rain shower,” said Trace Doyle, a delivery driver for Greg’s. “Our work hasn’t changed much, but now we have to keep an eye out for smaller things, such as distancing ourselves from who we deliver to, similar to how someone might drive slower on a wet road.”

Delivery can become a dangerous position for an employee to currently hold, due to the direct contact with other people. Doyle says the behavior between employees has not changed much, but the interactions between employee and customer have differentiated with safety in mind.

“Many delivery shops such as ours have been offering ‘contactless delivery’,” said Doyle. “We will place the food at a specific spot the customer specifies, we ring the doorbell, stand 6+ feet away from the food, they place the money on the table, take the food inside and then we take the money and go back to the shop.”

The risk of delivery mainly arises when dealing with vulnerable individuals, such as children and elderly people.

“I don’t feel risk until I deliver to select people,” said Doyle. “The fear of potentially infecting a customer at risk is more stressful to me than getting infected myself.”

Other measures such as sanitation of the facility, along with implementation of gloves for carryout orders and plans for employees to wear masks are being used to keep the restaurant safe from exposure. The measures are in response to Governor Andy Beshear’s request that restaurant lobbies remain closed.

“While work for delivery drivers hasn’t differentiated much from before, our restaurant overall has had to change and adapt drastically in order to keep business running,” said Doyle. “And to those who are at risk, I urge you to ask for contactless delivery and to distance as best as possible for yours and our safety.”