West Mignon

At the age of 18, a person can enlist in the army, buy tobacco, take out a loan and go to prison; they can’t, however, live in a college dorm with a roommate of the opposite gender.

Prohibiting students from living with the opposite gender serves little to no purpose, as students are still free to visit and even sleep over in other people’s dorms. The idea of restricting students from living with the opposite gender to preserve a sense of morality is negated by the very nature of the college experience.

According to the Morehead State website, the cost of living in a dorm as a full-time student is $4,475 per semester. For students to be making an investment worth almost $5000, they should be allowed the choice of who they are paying to room with, without limitations on gender.

Aside from the huge costs, the very day and age we live in should stand as testimony that the practice of same-gender dorms in college is quickly becoming nothing more than an antiquated tradition.

As people begin their independent lives as college students, it is an inevitable truth that a large majority will participate in common activities that have come to characterize college students, such drinking, having sex or partying. These are things that a mere matter of policy cannot prevent.

Gender is an ever-growing subject of scrutiny in modern society, and as perspectives and even laws begin to change to accommodate these new views, most colleges continue in their outdated practice of same-gender dorms.

Currently, the only option available if students want to room with someone of the opposite gender is to apply for on-campus apartments. The catch to this option is that students who apply must already have completed 48 credit hours. This leaves no option for students who are earlier in their college career.

A university should be an environment which reflects the changing values, technology and knowledge of the modern world. This can’t happen if it continues to hold steadfast to practices that reflect a time long before ours.