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Everyone has been stuck at home, and we may be looking at the walls for another month, but COVID-19 has not stopped people from using entertainment for a little fun.

Professors and students shared how they have stayed entertained while being stuck inside.

“I think it’s very important to stay entertained during this pandemic because without at least a set routine or a few hobbies, it is very easy for people to let their mental health slip,” said Rae Hayden, an elementary education major. “Keeping entertained prevents people from falling into a slump that may be hard to get out of.”

Morehead State University diversity officer Dr. Caroline Atkins said she has been staying entertained by exercising.

“I’ve stayed entertained by riding my exercise bike and walking my dog around the campus,” said Dr. Atkins, who is also the assistant to the president for strategic initiatives and a visiting professor of criminology in the Department of Sociology, Social Work & Criminology.

Strategic communications major Kaitlin Gore said that she’s been developing new hobbies.  

“In order to cope with being in quarantine, I have been learning new skills like painting, sewing, drawing and I have also been learning how to cross-stitch,” said Gore. “But when I am not doing that I have been writing about this experience in a journal.”

Space systems engineering major Isabelle Caraway said she has been going outside on the nice days and finding different projects to do around her house.

“I exercise outside when it’s nice enough,” said Caraway.  “I am finding small projects to do around my house and my room, as well as keeping up on homework.”

Kennealy Roberts, a convergent media major, said she stays entertained by baking.

“Before the quarantine, I cooked a lot, but then college got in the way,” said Roberts. “Since I’m stuck at home now, I’ve been able to get back into cooking.”

To keep from going insane, a lot of people have been turning to streaming services and binge-watching TV shows and movies. Morehead State’s Dr. Nettie Brock has been watching different TV shows and doing crafts.

“I am watching really cheesy television, like Parks and Recreation, as well as keeping up with Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Brooklyn 99, and Top Chef,” said Dr. Brock. “I am also doing crafts, embroidery at the moment, and a puzzle.”

Lots of students are keeping up with friends and family during this time. Although they can’t see them, talking on the phone is a good way to catch up.

Tim Barribeau, a writer for The Wirecutter, a New York Times Company, said that it’s important to keep up with your social life.

“Those of us who were raised on the Internet have known for years. It’s possible to have a bustling social life through digital platforms,” said Barribeau. “And in these bizarre times, it’s more important than ever to set up those channels sooner rather than later.”