Over 100 Morehead State students lined up to pot plants in ADUC.

Pot-A-Plant provided small succulents, pots, soil and colorful decorations for students to make their own houseplants, or dorm-plants, in ADUC on September 20, hosted by Bryce Allen with MSU’s Campus Activity Board.

As a new member of CAB, Pot-A-Plant was Allen’s first event to host by himself. When he saw the rapidly growing line-up of people, he was excited.

“Our turnouts have gone up a lot this semester, which is a really encouraging sign that more people are getting engaged on campus and coming up to more events which is amazing,” said Allen, a sophomore biomedical science major. “It’s been really uplifting.”

Although the event had 100 plants and pots on the ready, they were all gone within 10 minutes. Allen also had to set up more tables and chairs for students to sit at, yet still students scattered across ADUC to decorate. 

Madelyn Walsh was one of the many students lined up before 5 p.m., waiting to pick a plant.

“I have a fake plant but this is my first time with a live plant. In college you think there’s not enough time to take care of one but I’m giving it a try,” said Walsh, a freshman astrophysics major.

Even for seasoned plant lovers, the event sparked interest. Rebekah Mills, a junior animal sciences major, is a huge plant lover and was excited to attend.

“It just makes me happy to have something to take care of. Especially succulents, which are very easy to care for,” said Mills. “Having plants to look after helps me to unwind from school and destress.”

Wyatt Boggess said potting plants with his friends helped them to take a step back from the stresses of school and instead just think about taking care of their new plants. 

For many students, Pot-A-Plant was their first time engaging in a CAB event. MSU student Paige Clark and her friends were drawn to the event and felt it was a good way to get in touch with their green thumbs.

Unfortunately, with so much excitement and limited resources, some students who came after the 5 p.m. start time didn’t get the chance to pick a plant.

Allen said for the next Pot-A-Plant more plants will be provided, not expecting all 100 succulents to be gone so soon.

CAB will host several events throughout the remainder of the semester, and according to Allen their social media is a good resource of information for campus events.

“There’s a lot more engagement on social media this semester. Our Instagram is @cab_msu that’s usually where we post most of our events,” said Allen. “We’ll post all those updates for everyone.”