Devin Webb

The logo for the Devin Webb Foundation. Photo submitted by Dippin’ Dots.

After sharing the story of her brother’s death on Undercover Boss in 2019, Bailey Richardson and Dippin’ Dots have created a foundation to aid those with heart conditions.

The Devin Webb Foundation will benefit those with heart conditions and their families by assisting with medical bills and coping with loss. The foundation is named Richardson’s brother who passed away in 2018 due to an undiagnosed condition.

“My brother was energetic, friendly, a family person, really into sports, always in a really good mood,” said Richardson, a nursing major at Morehead State University. “He always thought about everyone else before himself.”

Devin’s story was first shown when Richardson played a part in the show Undercover Boss, where Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer donated $20,000 toward the foundation and provided Richardson and her family with a luxury vacation.

“I haven’t had to go in any more debt for school. I didn’t have to work as much this past semester, and it’s definitely just changed my outlook on that good things can happen. Just my whole demeanor a little bit in general,” said Richardson.

Richardson said her brother would be proud today knowing his name was being used to help others through the foundation.

“Especially during these times with Covid and stuff, it’s even harder for people right now. These people that do have heart conditions, they have to stay at home. A lot of families are struggling with this,” she said. “It just would mean a lot to the people that need it, my family and my brother that he’s able to use his name to do this for people.”

The Devin Webb Foundation launched on November 23 and allows for donations to be made through GoFundMe. The goal is set for $25,000.