One local business thrived despite COVID-19 difficulties and is now celebrating a cool one-year anniversary in a new location. 

Roll Over Rolled Ice Cream moved to an expanded storefront on 169 East Main Street between The Fuzzy Duck and Sawstone Brewery June 29 after struggling with spatial issues at their previous location. The location is inside the city's entertainment district zone.

“Honestly, we just had such an influx of people being supportive and wanting our ice cream and everything, that we just literally couldn’t physically accommodate how many customers we had coming to the shop,” said Melody Trumbo, an employee, of the previous Morehead location. 

Employees worked at both locations during the transition until two days before the grand reopening. 

“All the employees, ourselves, put this place together along with the owners of this building,” said Trumbo. “And it wasn’t even because we had to. We wanted to be here because this is what we love."

Co-owner Angie Nelson and her late fiancée, Phil Rice, had originally planned the business, But with his death in 2019, she turned to best friend, Angel Pope, and they began the ice cream business to help fund Backroads Animal Rescue in Grayson, Ky. 

To pay homage to their love for dogs, all flavors are dedicated to dogs from Backroads. 

They opened the original Morehead location during the peak of COVID-19 and the health restrictions, mask mandates and social distancing—paired with limited space--made it difficult for business. 

“We’d have people lined outside the door because we could only have a couple people in at a time,” said Abbey Akers, a native from Grayson. “And a lot of people weren’t comfortable coming in where COVID was still so new at the time.”

Seating options are now available in the new location.

Akers and Trumbo expect business to flourish once MSU returns for the fall semester.

“It’s just so cool to realize that you really do have all these people that care about you. Us as people and us as a business,” said Trumbo.