Morehead State president Jay Morgan held his first President’s Concert on the Lawn since COVID-19.

Students, staff and Morehead residents attended the annual President’s Concert on the Lawn outside of ADUC Thursday to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with performances by the MSU percussion and MSU Steel ensembles.

“My greatest enjoyment is that we have the event up and going again after COVID,” said Morgan. “I missed visiting with faculty, staff and students at the concert. It’s a good time to go around and talk to everyone.”

The concert features a different section of MSU’s music program every year, and this year the percussion studio had four weeks to put together a show.

“It was a very short time frame to prepare, so that presented a wonderful challenge,” said Ben Cantrell, the director of the percussion ensembles. “It really puts our students in more of a real-world situation. In college you have three months to learn something, but in the real world you have a much shorter period.”

Despite the stress that went into preparing for the concert, the performers enjoyed the opportunity to play for the community.

“My favorite part of the event was how chill it was,” said Taylor Pfaff, a junior music education major who performed at the event. “It felt like more of a hangout rather than just sitting in a performance hall and watching, so everyone could come and go as they pleased.”

Those who came and watched the concert had a great time as well, including fellow music majors.

“As a member of the Morehead State music department, I enjoy supporting my fellow musicians at events like this,” said Laura Baker, a junior music education major.

COVID did cause the event’s turnout to be smaller than years past, but Morgan hopes that the event will continue to grow larger every year in the future.

“It’s been a great event previously, and sadly COVID got the best of us for two years,” said Morgan. “It’ll take a year or two to get more people to start coming out again.”