CoffeeTree Books has not always been the town staple it is today.

CoffeeTree Books has been a popular spot for Morehead State University students and the community. The Morehead, KY hotspot original started has the Fuzzy Duck Coffee Shop in the back of Book Haven, which was located in the Morehead Plaza. 

“We had the Coffee Shop in the back of the bookstore, and so we rented from the people who actually owned the bookstore,” said Marge Thomas, co-owner of CoffeeTree Books. “When the bookstore went up for sale, we didn’t want to sell the coffee shop and we were concerned that whoever bought the bookstore would also like the coffee shop, so we bought the bookstore.” 

Both businesses moved to the former movie theater on Main Street after getting flooded out several times at the Morehead Plaza location. 

Coffee Tree Books

The knitting section at Coffee Tree Books on Friday, November 13, 2020. Photo by Hannah Bartley | The Trail Blazer

While they never expected the location to become such a city staple, they did hope to make it a safe place for the community.

“I think what we've tried to do is to make it a gathering place where people can go and discuss books or have meetings or meet with friends and have lunch and browse the bookstore,” said Thomas. “I think it's just a good combination coffee shop and bookstore and I think it adds to the community.”

CoffeeTree Books has been in business and a part of the community as an independent bookstore since 1999.

 “I think independent bookstores are important in communities,” said Thomas. “I think independent bookstores gives you more personality and they deal more with the community. It’s a more personalized business rather than just having the best sellers.”

Coffee Tree Books

Bookshelves at the Coffee Tree Bookstore on Friday, November 13, 2020. Photo by Hannah Bartley | The Trail Blazer

The personalized approach and care they can give as an independent bookstore has allowed them to make long lasting  connections.

“We’ve been in that business a long time; we’ve met a lot of really interesting people and actually we’ve made some really good friends,” said Thomas. “People who have come and gone. People that have lived and moved away. It’s just been a fun place for us.”