An open house showed students from diverse backgrounds how Morehead State can be a home away from home.

The Open House for Diverse Students returned for the first time since COVID-19 and focused on informing diverse students on aspects of the MSU college experience. Included was information on admission, basic student life and other campus experiences.

“Although we are Morehead, KY, we have a lot to offer,” said Tyra Pettigrew, the MSU diversity enrollment counselor and event organizer. “I want our students, specifically our students of diverse background in a classroom to be like, 'hey, there’s someone who looks like me or talks like me.'”

MSU has been making strides to try and be as culturally diverse as possible, despite being known as an Eastern Kentucky campus, and was eager to showcase that through the open house.

“I want people to know that it is Eastern Kentucky, but it does not fit the stereotype of eastern Kentucky places,” said Pettigrew, an MSU alum.

The open house was there to help all diverse students, but one area that Pettigrew has been focused on is the Black Achievers program.

“So, we really are aiming to get our Black Achievers here,” said Pettigrew. “We have a Black Achievers scholarship that we give, two to Cincinnati, two to Lexington, and two Louisville. That is really what we are aiming for. We want to get them their exposure to MSU, so we can keep those six scholarships that we are able to allot.”

Pettigrew graduated from MSU in May of 2020, but she has already hit the ground running organizing events like this and focusing on diversity throughout the region.

“I work specifically a lot with diversity, and I also cover Clark, Madison, Fayette, Woodford and Jessamine counties,” said Pettigrew.

Pettigrew said she wants to make all students feel comfortable and safe on campus and make MSU, and Morehead, feel like a home away from home for new students.