An annual parade plowed its way through Flemingsburg.

The future farmers of America held the 19th Annual Tractor Parade on Friday to allow the community to recognize Fleming County’s FFA chapter, celebrate the upcoming harvest and support the community’s agricultural heritage. The procession started on the bypass near Maysville and traveled downtown to the Fleming County High School.

“We have kids who are just three and four-years-old wanting to go through the parade or just sit and watch it go through town,” said Lucinda Pease, an agricultural teacher at FCHS. “We even have individuals who are even 44 or 84 that want to participate in the parade.”

Pease not only teaches the FFA chapter at FCHS, but she was also involved in the program herself when she was student.

She taught senior FFA chapter president, Dylan DeAtley, to appreciate the community and recognize how they can give back to support local school functions.

“It means a big deal to me to see so many people watching us travel through downtown and looking back at all the tractors and other vehicles lined up behind me,” said DeAtley. “It lets me as a student know that the community supports me and my chapter in more ways than one.”

Junior Sadie Litzler, FFA vice president, has participated in the parade since she was in sixth grade. She said this year stood out from years past because of the number of attendees.

“I think this year was the most people watching that I have ever seen before, and it was just really amazing to me to witness it all,” she said. “It made me grin and fill up with pride seeing all the kids from the elementary schools excited to see the huge tractors drive past and the drivers are just as excited to see the students. Definitely one of my fondest moments.”

Pease said she hopes to keep the annual parade going for several years to conclude the rural community’s agriculture week. 

“We are an agricultural community,” she said. “The people in this community really enjoy this event and it is something that can bring everyone together every year.” 

The parade will be held again next year on the first Friday of October.