A sorority celebrated 20 years with their charity partnership through dance. 

Chi Omega, a sorority at Morehead State, hosted their annual Follies dance competition on Tuesday to raise money for this year’s Make-A-Wish child, a four-year-old boy named Winston who battled leukemia.

12 different MSU student organizations participated in the show with different themed choreographies dedicated to Winston, who was in attendance with his family.

“On the night of the performance, I am most looking forward to seeing our sweet wish child in the audience,” said Ragan Adkins, the community service co-chair for Chi Omega. “There is no feeling that can compare to the curtains opening in Button Auditorium and seeing our sweet wish child smile.”  

Follies has raised about $10,000 each year for Make-A-Wish children. This year Chi Omega had a goal to raise $20,000 for Winston.

“We want to raise $20,000 tonight to celebrate the 20 years we have been partnered with Make-A-Wish,” said Channing Colby, the community service co-chair for Chi Omega.

During this year’s Follies performance, two Make-A-Wish children were in the audience including last year’s sponsored child.

“This year is extra special because we will not only have this year's Richard Winston in the audience our former wish child Briar with us as well!” said Adkins.

Adkins said she was grateful for all the organizations who participate and make a difference.

“I am also so thankful that the honors program participates each year and plays a part in it granting wishes and making a difference,” said Adkins, an honors student.

The winner for this year was Delta Gamma. Their theme was the Dallas football team and cheerleaders.

While Chi Omega did not reach their goal, Follies still raised about $13,000 this year for Winston.