A student-run learning center has been helping students for over thirty years.

The Tutoring and Learning Center has been providing help for Morehead State students with a variety of subjects. Lynn Handshoe, the newly appointed coordinator of tutoring services, returned to her roots after a twenty-seven-year teaching career.

“I always told myself after I retire from teaching, I would love to work with the university again,” said Handshoe, an MSU alum.

The tutoring center has always given free help to students, whether they just need help with one paper or are on track to fail and potentially drop out of college. The center helps such students resolve their academic issues and go on to graduate.

“We’re here to make it possible so that anyone who wants to stay, can stay,” said Handshoe.

She said tutors are in an advisory role, and it's about showing students how to succeed in your own work without them doing it for you.

“Now we don’t have people for every course, but all of your gen-ed requirements we can find someone to assist you with,” said Handshoe.

While the tutoring center focuses on general education courses, tutors are willing to teach themselves the material to better assist the students in need.

“To all the freshman I would say do not wait until you’re desperate,” said Handshoe. “Make that change. Make that request early, before you’re digging out of a hole. Put the shovel down early and get the assistance you need.”

Students who want tutoring assistance are advised to schedule twenty-five hours ahead of time in order to give the tutors ample time to prepare.

If students are interested in applying for a tutoring position must have at least a sophomore status, a 3.0 GPA and be in excellent academic standing. 

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