Plant Sale

Morehead State’s Derrickson Agricultural Complex, also known as the University Farm, will hold its annual flower and vegetable plant sale April 25-26, May 1-3 and May 9-10 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

Despite the COVID-19 concerns, the Morehead State University farm held their annual flower and vegetable plant sale.

Giving something for people to look forward to, the farm decided to go ahead and continue with their sale and felt they didn’t have a choice but to continue.

“We didn’t really have an option to not have a sale, we start some of our plants as early as December and most of the big stuff like our petunias we start around January, so we’ve got a lot of money put into this crop, and it helps our students with development, so they can see how crops get made,” said Zach Clymer, the horticulture, fruit and orchard specialist.

Clymer said they had a good turnout.

“Because of people calling, we opened up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” he said. “People want to go in and look at stuff, but they really can’t because of the epidemic.”

Clymer said that during the first section of this event, there were many people, some impatient, some not.

“We did curbside assistance, but whenever you have 70 cars show up and only five people working, curbside assistance is slow,” said Clymer. “Some people tend to get upset because they aren’t helped fast enough, while others are just happy to be out of the house.”

The next portion of the sale begins on May 1and is looking to last until May 3. They are expecting another large turnout.

“According to the orders we have for people scheduling a visit, we are completely booked Saturday, and Sunday still has some openings,” said Clymer.

For more information on how you can purchase plants visit or call 859-242-6838