A national program has been launched at Morehead State University. 

Green Dot, a program that teaches all age groups and communities about prevention strategies for situations such as sexual assault and stalking, was officially established at MSU earlier this year. Rebecca Davison, the social work director at MSU, said that unlike other programs, Green Dot stands out for its inclusivity. 

 “Regardless of gender, location, status or position at the university, we can all be part of this,” said Davison. “There are little things that all of us can do that would change the culture of the university.”

The Bystander Intervention Program, which is incorporated through Green Dot, will further aid in educating prevention strategies by teaching people how to interrupt and engage in situations that could become high-risk for violence.   

“The unique aspect of Green Dot is the focus on the bystander, not the potential perpetrator or the person who experiences the violence,” said Davison. 

The implementation of Green Dot began with an overview for MSU faculty, staff and even resident assistants. It taught them how to approach lessons about Green Dot so that they can reach out to more student groups and communities. 

“What appealed to me about it was that, as a faculty member, I care deeply about this issue,” said Davison. “It feels like this Bystander Intervention gave me an opportunity to be part of the solution and not just say that doesn’t happen.” 

Faculty and staff will spread awareness by teaching the fundamentals of Green Dot in their classes. Events are expected to be held as well. 

“We’re networking across campus and that’s another reason I’m excited about this is because it is a campus-wide initiative, it’s not just faculty,” said Davison. “We recognize this issue affects all of us even if we are not directly on the side of that experience.”

Davison referred back to a motto that Green Dot uses to spread awareness to rally communities together for a common cause.  

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”