A pair of travelers returned to Morehead to sell their goods from around the world.

Saffron Tonton and Eric Miller have been setting up their booth at Morehead State University for over 20 years, where they sell goods from the countries they visit, which include India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Thailand. They sold items and conversed with customers last Monday through Wednesday.

“We’re not businesspeople, we’re travelers,” said Tonton. “But because we needed money for travelling, we came upon this idea a long time ago.”

These vendors haven’t set up beneath the Bell Tower since before the pandemic, so several students and faculty were excited about their return. This included Dr. Ann Andaloro, a professor at MSU who is both a friend and repeat customer of Miller and Tonton.

“This is something that also helps the economy of the countries these products are from,” said Andaloro “So the people who made those head scarves and other products, they’re not rich people. They’re people who needed Tonton and Miller to come and say, ‘here’s a hundred bucks.’”

Not only is this economically beneficial for the individuals making the products, but also for the students re-purchasing these items.

“I loved the variety of products they had, and I also generally enjoyed the prices,” said Elizabeth Walter, an MSU student and customer. 

While Tonton and Miller have set up shop at many other schools over the years, they’ve always felt drawn back to Morehead.

“It’s our pleasure and joy to be at MSU, because to connect with people your age is a wonderful thing,” said Miller. “When you go into older communities, you find that nobody’s mind is open, and no one is really curious.”

Tonton and Miller plan to return to MSU this coming fall with more international jewelry, clothing and goods.