The world of the unknown will soon come to life.

Steven Universe: The Movie The Musical’s club brought amateurs and experienced actors alike to audition for a variety of roles in their upcoming production of “Over the Garden Wall,” the latest of the club’s ambitions.

The production is inspired by an animated television series that’s centered around two half-brothers who travel across a mysterious forest called the Unknown to find their way home. It will be the second show the SUMM has attempted since Steven Universe in early April 2022.

“Last year was great and now that we know what we’re doing and have a full plan, I believe we’re going to improve significantly” said Benner Costa, president of the SUMM club.

Costa said workflow adjustments and better leadership should help them achieve their goal in elevating the production’s quality with the same timetable.

“We finally have an organization system set so we can be more directed than last year and make a better show for everyone,” he said.

The creation of the SUMM club, named after the Steven Universe musical, has since gained the interest of more students such as Caleb Daly, who joined the club to try something new.

“I just saw the flyers around and wanted to give it a try,” said Daly, who had previously been a part of previous accompanying choral groups. “I’ve auditioned for parts in the past but never was part of the cast.”

With the audition results currently pending, the SUMM is roughly expecting to set the stage for “Over the Garden Wall” in April 2023.